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My areas of greatest interest are molecular biology, genetics, evolutionary biology, medical, neuroscience, philosophy, biographies and classic literature. I'm a pretty good listener and always aim to learn something from everybody. Love nice conversations that can challenge me.

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Case Files: Surgery (LANGE Case Files)
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Big Bang: The Origin of the Universe - Simon Singh A remarkable and elegant narrative by Simon Singh on one of the most important and magnificent scientific achievements of the twentieth century in a very simple and highly entertaining style that anyone can enjoy, either scientific or non-scientific literate. What I really enjoyed from this book was all the historical account from ancient mythology and Greek philosophy all the way to the creation of the Big Bang model, finishing up with the evidence that finally helped establish the explanation of the creation of the universe, as well as reading the pros and cons and the religious implications of such theory.
The Big Bang, the model that describes the beginning of the universe originating in a sort of a 5 minute explosion evolved thanks to the work and minds of many amazing scientists that contributed in the success of this model: Einstein's theory of general relativity which led Lemaitre and Friedmann's development of the theory of the Big Bang, Hubble's demonstration of the expanding universe, Hoyle's contribution on nucleosynthesis, Alpher Gamow and Hermann theoretical contributions, and the observations of Ryle, Penzias and Wilson and all the COBE team including George Smoot. All these great minds, among others, are a perfect example of how the combination of scientific curiosity and intellect can lead to such fascinating discoveries through time and hopefully stimulate young minds pursuing a career in science.
This non-fiction narrative is a must read for everyone, there is a lot of scientific detail missing but has the basic information explained in a very simple way in order to understand the greatness of the Big Bang, therefore making it a great introduction on the subject. I think Simon Singh made an amazing work on this book, making science fun and interesting for everyone, the way it should be!!!!